TL;DR if you love Ruby on Rails and can write and ship quality code, hit us up!

Junip is looking to hire a Senior Backend Engineer. We build and ship world class products in the ecommerce space. You'll be a part of our early team, be given tremendous ownership, ship tons of code, and make many impactful decisions.

Ideal Qualifications

The Role

You'll own projects wholly, from floor to ceiling. Together we'll build out new products, refine existing experiences & move into various new platforms, markets, and channels.

Today, millions of shoppers & 1,000+ brands interact with the products we build - you'll play a massive role building the foundation to help us 100x those numbers. This is a high ownership role at an early stage company.

The Team

We're a small team, with strong early traction & healthy funding from an amazing group of angels, VCs & industry execs. We ship features weekly and deploy to production multiple times per day. We encourage creativity, innovation & don't shy away from technical challenges.

A core member of the early team, we'll depend on your help to continue to foster this culture.


Southern Ontario, Canada

The Process